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Towards Prefereble Ambulance Services & Career Placement




Thank You for taking time to browse the official website of Maha Mas Medic Services Sdn Bhd, The largest private ambulance & medical provider in Malaysia.

Operation since 2004 with 25 dedicated ambulance and 50 medical staff.

In Maha Mas we value life, proudly dedicating ourselves to deliver the best services for our clients. Maha Mas valued our client advice while providing the best ambulance and medical services to our clients. We promise to stick to honest and ethical behavior during the process of operation, which is the key point to success for Maha Mas.

We have received various awards and recognition including Gold Award in the 8th MOSPHA OSH National Awards and very proud of being certified ISO 9001:2008 for five conservative years, the only one in the industry. As part of our CSR, we have tender our services to a few charity groups, NGO, religion institutions and some major events with national interest including a bronze sponsor for 2017 Sea Games. We are proud of our achievements so far, nevertheless we will not stop striving for better.

Moving forward, we want to keep growing dynamically to serve the needs and demand of our society. The vision for our 20th anniversary is to transform ambulance services into cashless system, expand our fleet for extensive nationwide coverage with visible present in all states, and implementing integrated online booking system. We wish to penetrate into government sector with the outsourcing model for their ambulance services. We will collaborate with a strategic partner to accommodate Medical Card market. Finally, we want to establish our very own Medical Centre. Our mission along the way is to be a trusted and reliable partner in pre-hospital and ambulance service for all.

On behalf of Maha Mas, I wish to take this precious moment of thanking and appreciating our Customers, Stakeholders, collaborators and financiers for their unwavering and meaningful support, confidence, trust and sense of partnership they have provided to us over the years.

We look forward to further cooperation with you all now and the future to come.

I want to reiterate that we are still earnestly committed to continually provide good quality services to our clients with dedication and sacrifice.

Thank you for supporting and standing with Maha Mas Medic Service Sdn Bhd over the years.

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